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Hi, I am Aakash Mangla, a product and experience designer

A perfect day for me involves crafting user experiences that make life easier for people

...and maybe imagining how I could be like Batman ( •̀ ω •́ )

A perfect blend of creativity and analytical thinking


A versatile designer, skilled at crafting unique experiences and solving complex problems through research-backed design solutions.

Hand-picked Collection

Design of an intuitive user interface for an AI-enabled six-axis robotic arm.

Designed for: Orangewood Labs
Keywords: Wireframing | UI | Hi-fi mockups
Year: 2022

Panel 1.jpg

Developing a drone shipping app to send anything safely.

Keywords: UX | Service Design | Mobile App
Year: 2023

Niko HMI Cover (1).gif

Enabling teenagers with autism to travel independently with a user-friendly UX for a car

Winner: Young Designers Award 2022
Keywords: Autism | UX | User Research
Year: 2021

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Project CoversArtboard 2.jpg

A systems thinking approach to uncover the transportation needs of the Visakhapatnam city

Sponsor: Arrival, UK
Publication: RSD11 Symposium hosted by the University of Brighton
Keywords: System Research and analysis | Research Design
Year: 2022

An optimistic perspective on the prospects of immigrants in Japan to solve social issues posed by aging population

Winner: Special Jury Award, APEV Design Challenge
Keywords: Service Design | Future Speculation | Design Research
Year: 2022

Ryushi Cover.gif
Project CoversArtboard 14.jpg

A user-centric design solution for everyday mobility needs of farmers in India

Sponsor: OLA Electric
Keywords: Rural Innovation | Mobility | Sketching
Year: 2023

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