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Wipro IISc Research and Innovation Network 

Internship as a Researcher

Research | Autonomous Vehicles | Interviews

Wipro and IISc have signed up an MOU that promotes collaborative research in artificial intelligence, machine learning, computer vision, and human machine interaction, related to autonomous systems and robotics. This is a three-year initiative. The key objective of the initiative is to promote research and education in this emerging area leading to end-to-end system development and capacity building.


My Role


I interned remotely at WIRIN as a research intern for a month (Aug 21 - Sep 21).

During this period, I captured various driving scenarios to define operational design domains (ODD); conducted one-to-one interviews to understand Indians’ perceptions regarding
autonomous vehicles; coding and thematic analysis to derive emerging themes.

Honoring the non-disclosure agreement, I would unfortunately not be able to provide any further details on the project here. However, I would be glad to share more about my process, journey, and learnings.

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