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Orangewood Labs 

Internship as an Industrial Designer

Industrial Design | UI | Research


Orangewood Labs is a Y-Combinator-backed startup building an affordable 6-axis robotic arm for SMEs.

They aim to democratize robotics, strengthening the hands of every maker, turbocharging productivity at factory floors around the world, and setting humans free from manual tasks that are monotonous, repetitive, or hazardous.

My Role


I gained valuable experience during my internship working on several live projects, which involved improving the design of robot enclosures to make them easier to assemble and more ergonomic. In addition, I created unique robot experience setups, such as a 6-axis robotic arm that can prepare and serve drinks.

Throughout my internship, I collaborated closely with both the mechanical and controls teams, gaining a deep understanding of the robot's design and identifying areas where it could be improved.

Untitled-2Artboard 1.jpg
Enclosure PhotosArtboard 2.jpg
Enclosure PhotosArtboard 3.jpg
Enclosure PhotosArtboard 1.jpg

Honoring the non-disclosure agreement, I would unfortunately not be able to provide any further details on the project here. However, I would be glad to share more about my process, journey, and learnings.

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