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Aakash, if actually was Batman (AI Imagined)

Akash    Aakash Mangla

I am Batman...

Well...not really. But like Batman, I investigate ideas like a detective and deliver design solutions and strategy with unwavering determination. So, let me try again...

Hi! I am Aakash, your design vigilante :)

Selected Work

Selected Work
Orangewood Labs (UI)

AI | Wireframing | UI | User Experience

Ryushi (APEV Winner)

Design Research | Service | UI

Systems Thinking (RSD11 Exhibit)

System Research | Research Design | Giga Map

OLA Electric (Coming Soon)

Rural Innovation | Mobility | Graduation Project

NIKO User Interface (YDA Winner)

Autism | User Research | UX | Figma


Autism | User Research | User-Centric

Vision, Approach & More

I am a product designer and a certified nerd on a mission to tackle complex problems through research-backed design solutions. Keeping a cross-functional approach to design at the core, I believe in design-range over design-specialization.


I have an inquisitive mind that keeps asking a lot of 'Why-s' when it gets stuck. My mission is to drive innovation and create impactful solutions that transform society.

My Education:

  • Masters in Design @ NID (National Institute of Design)

  • BTech. @ IIT Delhi (Indian Institute of Technology Delhi)

  • Minor degree in Industrial Design @ IIT Delhi

Awards and Associations

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