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Concerned about the safety of your valuable items when using an instant pick-up and delivery service?

Issues with existing instant shipping services

Untrusted 3rd Party Delivery Agents

Platforms such as Swiggy Genie and Porter utilize independent delivery agents, raising concerns about their reliability when handling expensive items.

Mishandling of Delicate Items

Timely delivery amid poor road infrastructure and heavy traffic jeopardizes the safety of the package.

Unavailability in Distant Areas

Delivery agents are typically scarce in outskirt areas, making them unreliable for urgent shipments.

Presenting Zipzo

A safer, quicker, and more affordable on-demand logistic service designed specifically for last-minute secure shipping

But how does it work?

Zipzo utilizes autonomous drone systems to meet your unique shipping demands while ensuring the complete safety of the parcel.

Not just drones, hybrid drones.

The unmatched speed of flying drones and the reliability of a mobile ground robot - it has it all. Inspired by the 'M4 Transforming Drone', it carefully optimizes the delivery path and changes its mode, if required, at the Zipzo hub nearest the user's location.


What's Zipzo hub, you asked? Read more about that below.

The flexibility you deserve

Zipzo offers multiple modes of pick and drop modes for the parcel - Ground Spot, Hub, and Dock - giving utmost flexibility to the user.

Just like you take regular deliveries, Zipzo can deliver your item patiently with its wings down. It ensures that no one gets hurt when it's down on the ground.

Zipzo Ground Spots are secure delivering spots trusted and verified by the users around the area.

You can pick up from _______________ and,

drop at ______________

Zipzo Hub

Ground Spot

Not a drone shipping app, but a better shipping app

Play with Proto

Panel 1.jpg

Go precise with community-verified spots!

You will never hear Zipzo say, "Bhaiya kidhar aana hai" 

With Zipzo, you can mark the precise ground spot for your parcel drop. You can either mark your own new spot or choose one of the community-verified spots nearby.

Action Cards.jpg

Helping you at every step of your shipping journey!

The Zipzo app is equipped with advanced AR technology that lets you measure the size of your parcel without the need for any additional instrument.

Your valuable parcel is in good hands

They say - the combined power of humans and computers working together is greater than the sum of their individual capabilities. 

That's why all Zipzos are continuously monitored by well-trained human operators till your parcel reaches your location safely.

Can't seem to sync the timings with the receiver? Now, pick up and drop off your parcel whenever you want!

Not only you can schedule the pick up time, but also the drop off time. The service cleverly utilizes the Zipzo Hubs and store your parcel for later deliveries.

Account Work.png

Keep your work and life separate!

With the functionality to register for a separate work profile, Zipzo lets you manage your personal and work shipping separately.
In the work profile, you can add members from your team and share a common payment wallet.

But what about delivery in absence?

What happens when the receiver is not available to receive the parcel?

Simple, they can just schedule the delivery for later. Zipzo will keep the parcel safe in the nearest hub till the new scheduled time.

Loading a lightning-fast shipping experience

Zipzo Case Study

Tune in to the details of the design process followed to create this amazing mobile app service.

Yours Securely,
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