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Car Ideation Tool 

A tool to generate images for car ideations using existing images on the internet.

Self-initiated Project

Year: 2021

Collaborator: Barinderpreet Singh (Software Engineer @ Microsoft)

Long before advanced AI tools like DALL·E 2 and Midjourney stormed the world with their superpower to visualize anything with just text, I was at my home...resting. I was down with a high fever due to my COVID vaccination when suddenly, a bulb lit up in my mind - What if we mix and match different cars to make a new car? What if we create an online tool for that?

Generally, a car form consists of three sub-forms - the hatch, the mid-passenger box, and the hood. 

If we just mix and match these sub-forms from different cars, we will get a new car form, which designers can use as their first reference to sketch a new car.

So I called Barinder, one of my techie friends, and we soon started creating our tool. He swiftly coded the basic concept while I guided him on what it should be.

Screenshot 2022-12-08 011408.jpg

Here is the prototype that we ran on a local server.

This prototype not only resizes and mashes the picture but also converts them into grayscale for a coherent look.

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